Meet Alejandro Pena

Alejandro Pena Keter

As the chief executive officer and a board member at Keter, Alejandro Pena is a visionary leader celebrated for his 25-year track record of driving transformative strategies within global corporations. With a keen business intellect, Pena has consistently guided organizations to new heights through strategic planning, operational optimization, and market expansion initiatives.

His career was launched in 1996, following his recruitment from the prestigious Texas McCombs School of Business MBA program into Rubbermaid’s global leadership development program. As a senior product manager, Pena honed his skills in product management, innovation, consumer centricity, and brand development, establishing a solid foundation for his professional journey.

Subsequently, Alejandro Pena joined Sunbeam, a precursor to the Jarden Corporation, a dominant entity in the housewares industry. Demonstrating his mastery in marketing and business development, he advanced from product manager to VP of global marketing for Mr. Coffee, then to VP of new business development, and ultimately to senior VP and general manager of global appliances.

During his tenure of almost two decades with these companies, Pena was instrumental in steering notable brands such as Sunbeam, Oster, and Mr. Coffee. He was pivotal in unifying disparate business units under a cohesive vision, enhancing sales force efficacy, integrating business intelligence solutions, expanding e-commerce capabilities, and shifting towards a consumer-oriented framework. These strategies not only ingrained these household names into the fabric of North American homes, but also generated nine-figure revenues within a span of three years.

Following his successful tenure at Jarden, in 2013 Alejandro Pena transitioned into a new role at Newell Brands, where he assumed the post of president for U.S. appliances and personal care. In this capacity, he oversaw a portfolio of small kitchen appliances and personal care products, focusing on resource allocation, revenue maximization, and cash flow improvement.

His strategic vision was crucial in integrating multiple business units, streamlining processes, and instituting a consumer-centric strategy. His leadership in this role was marked by innovative product launches that significantly improved revenue streams and market share. Pena’s forward-thinking approach to e-commerce and direct-to-consumer channels vastly strengthened the company’s digital footprint and set new industry benchmarks.

Alejandro Pena’s career reached a pivotal juncture with Jarden’s acquisition by Newell Brands in 2016. This transition led him to a new venture in private equity with BC Partners and the acquisition of Keter, an Israeli family-owned business, with ambitions to transform it into a leading global consumer products company. As CEO of Keter, Pena orchestrated a significant business revitalization, reengineered the company’s structure for global reach, and infused a culture of accountability with a rigorous P&L structure. His strategic initiatives boosted innovation and market share, diversified the company through e-commerce, as well as mergers and acquisitions, and improved operational efficiencies and cost competitiveness.

Valuing the human element, Alejandro Pena implemented initiatives to foster employee engagement and strengthen key operational areas. He embraces sustainability as a core company value, focusing on recycled materials and waste reduction, thereby positioning Keter as a leader in environmental responsibility.

His exemplary leadership not only propels Keter’s growth but also establishes it as a benchmark for ethical and sustainable business practices in the global market.